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My Prices, Working hours and Contact details. medium nine counselling badge

My Prices, Working hours and Contact details.

My service

I offer phone and online CBT sessions via a secure online platform. I work with adults over 18 on a one to one basis providing 50 minute CBT sessions. These generally start off as weekly sessions but will be arranged to suit your own needs and reviewed.

My Prices, Working hours and Contact details. BABCP ACC LOGO

My prices

CBT Phone / Online session price for a self-referral/Private client is £50 per session

CBT Phone/ Online session price for self-referral/ Private clients that are students, retired or unemployed is £45.00 per session. (You will be asked to provide documentation as proof prior to the 1st appointment to qualify for this discount)

CBT Phone and online session prices for 3rd party referrals please contact me for price and further details

For Online Rewind Therapy sessions (used to treat Trauma) the fee is £75.00 per 90 min Rewind treatment session. Generally one traumatic memory can be processed using Rewind in 1 or 2 sessions IF the client is able to fully participate in the Rewind technique.

The following information has been taken from the IARTT website to offer an explaination of what Rewind Therapy is and how it works:

The Rewind Therapy (RT) has become internationally recognised as indispensable to treat PTSD. It is easily learnt; applicable to survivors trans culturally and usually requires no more than two sessions to bring about closure for single traumas.
The Rewind is different from other imaginal exposure therapies because no details are disclosed to the therapist Hence the treatment is known as "closure without disclosure"

The benefits of non-disclosure include:

Minimizing the risk of the client being re-traumatized.

There is no fear of disclosing sensitive information e.g. In the case of servicemen, for example, about deployment.

For survivors of rape and sexual abuse the benefit of not having to disclose details of the event to a stranger is self-evident

Minimizing the risk to the counsellor of developing compassion fatigue, particularly for those therapists involved with heavy workloads.

The Rewind offers a way of permanently stopping the involuntary recall by filing the traumatic event so it comes under control. Voluntary recall remains.

For further information on the Rewind technique and what it can be used for please see 'To visit click IARTT to go straight to it'

My Prices, Working hours and Contact details. ARLogo

How to contact me

  • You can email me directly via the email contact form button found at the top of each page. I will always reply to any emails sent to me within my working hours. If you have sent me an email but you have not received an email back from me within 24 hours please check your spam/junk folder. To ensure my reply does get to your account you can mark my email address [email protected] as safe in your contact list.
    PRIVACY STATEMENT: All data collected via this website is used for the sole purpose of establishing contact for therapeutic services. Your personal details and information are not stored or shared with any 3rd parties or organisations.

  • My business number is 07934325022 * Please note that all phone calls received go onto my answering machine*. I will always text or call you back within my working hours to arrange a mutually suitable time for a free 20 minute phone consultation.

    Mail can be sent to my Registered office address:

    Suite 3/7
    54 Gordon Street

  • My complaints procedure

    Any complaint about my professional conduct or CBT practice that cannot be resolved between ourselves can be referred onto COSCA (Scotland's professional body for Counselling and Psychotherapy) through their complaints procedure online click COSCA website (www.cosca.org.uk).

    My Prices, Working hours and Contact details. coscalogo


    (* last appointment)

  • Friday Appointment times: 11.30am or 12pm and 1pm or 1.30pm*

  • Saturday/ Sunday Appointment time: Weekend appointment may be available upon request

    Call or email me to make an appointment with your preferred Date and Time. If you require a weekend appointment due to work and family commitments during the week please contact me for current availability.

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